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Bigger busted, and want some pretty designs?

Bigger busted, and want some pretty designs? Check out Panache’s Jasmine Balcony Bra. Perfect for all your summer outfits 🙂 Bra sizes from 30DD-38K. Get it here–>

The High Rise Of High Cut Briefs

  When I think what is sexy or feminine,  I immediately think of Betty Page, the 50’s and granny panties. You’re probably thinking “Granny panties are sexy?!” Yes,that’s right!  There is nothing more sexy than a pair of high-waisted, high cut briefs, or granny panties. […]

7 Kick Ass Sports Bras That will Change Your Work Out Game!

Trying to stay in shape is hard but finding the right sports bra is even harder.

To be honest, I’ve been wearing the same basic sports bra for years for different activities.

Not only was it uncomfortable and not stylish, but if I wore it for more than an hour it was also a real pain to take off since it was too tight and constricting. Silly, right?

Luckily, since starting at Brayola I have learned so much about sports bras, and now I am a proud owner of a great, stylish and comfortable sports bra collection, suited for any activity.

I want to share these sports bras with you, as well as point out which works best for each activity type.

Low impact activities (Yoga, Pilates, etc.)  

Wacoal Sport Underwire Bra

1. Wacoal Sport Underwire Bra

Wacoal knows bras, that I know, but their Sports Bras are a basic must in your wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading to Hip Hop or Yoga class, this Wacoal bra will have you covered. This is the ideal sports bra for average to full figures. No chance for a “uni-boob” with this one. It provides  support  like no other!

Available in sizes:32-40C; 32-42D,DD,DDD; 32-40G,H

Anita Light and Firm Sports Bra

2. Anita Light and Firm Sports Bra

The Anita Light and Firm Sports bra is perfect for low impact sports such as walking, yoga, bicycling, etc. This super-lightweight sports bra is designed to provide you with great support and total comfort. The sleek seamfree cups are designed to give you firm support, even with larger sizes. The Anita bra will definitely keep you comfortable throughout your workout!

Available in sizes: 32B-40D

Medium impact activities (Dance Classes, Martial Arts, Tennis, Golf, Powerwalking)

Le Mystere Energie Sports Bra
Le Mystere Energie Sports Bra

3. Le Mystere Energie Sports Bra

I always try to find new fun ways to work out, so when I first signed up for dance classes I decided to try the Le Mystere Energie bra.

I immediately fell in love.

This is a versatile, comfortable and supportive bra. It features convertible straps that can be worn traditionally or criss-crossed – which I find helps a lot with giving me a really amazing shape.

Available in sizes: 32C-40G

Champion Double Dry Distance Underwire Sports Bra

4. Champion Double Dry Distance Underwire Sports Bra

This bra truly is a Champion. This brand covers a range of sports bras for every woman’s needs.  This one will give you support and it’s fit is amazing! It somehow manages to be breathable and not constrictive, while still holding everything in place. The  straps are not adjustable BUT the fit is simply perfect. I absolutely love this bra!

Available in sizes: 34/36C/D—-34/36D/DD—36/38C/D—36/38D/DD—38/40C/D—38/40/DD—40/42C/D–40/42D/DD


High impact (Running, Jumping, Aerobics)

Panache Active Molded Sports Bra
Panache Active Molded Sports Bra

5. Panache Active Molded Sports Bra

The Panache Active Molded Sports bra  is definitely one of my favorites. It’s a great combination of a padded underwire with an extremely firm band which basically means that nothing can move or bounce while I’m wearing it. Plus, it has breathable fabric that will keep you cool and dry.

As far as sports bras are concerned,  this one is  definitely a winner!

Available in sizes: 30D-38G


Moving Comfort Fiona High Impact Sports Bra
Moving Comfort Fiona High Impact Sports Bra

6. Moving Comfort Fiona High Impact Sports Bra

Before running my first marathon (OK, a half marathon) I decided to treat myself to the Moving Comfort Fiona High Impact Sports Bra. I have been using it ever since and I absolutely love it! This has become my ultimate running bra. It’s comfortable and keeps every movement to a minimum while I’m working out. The Velcro adjustable straps are simply amazing.

Sometimes a product is just what you need. THIS is one of those times.

Available in sizes: 30D-42D

7.Elomi Energise Full Figure Sports Bra

For those who are fuller figured and bigger busted, don’t fret, Brayola has just the right sports bra for you! Although I haven’t personally tried this one, we know plenty of women who swear by the Elomi Energise Full Figure Sports Bra.


Elomi Energise Full Figure Sports Bra
Elomi Energise Full Figure Sports Bra

“This bra is amazing for us bigger gals! I work out every day and this is the best sports bra I have ever owned!” Jane H.

With sizes up to 44GG (44J US cups) this is the go to sports bra for the fuller and bigger busted woman. This bra is made from a smooth stretch nylon and offers moisture-wicking properties, which means you can work up a sweat and it will keep you cool and dry. The 3-part seamed cups will lift your ladies and keep them secure so that you won’t have to worry about fly away boobs! 

More perfect sports bras here! 

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