Letting the Girls Loose… Top Tips for Going Braless (or not)

**BLOG POST WARNING** this post has images of a disturbing nature.

Going braless. Some women love it and others don’t. There are women out there who have never worn a bra in their life, and other’s that just think it’s totally unacceptable. Every woman, no matter what size she is, will come home after a long day, take her bra off and siiigghhhh. So we clearly all enjoy the feeling of being free…

Here are our Top tips for going braless.

1. If you are over the cup size of D, it’s just a NO (well, just in public.) Unfortunately, the larger the breast, the more gravity kicks in. As women we have responsibilities to keep the girls looking perky at all times!

2. The only exception to rule 1 (again depending on your size) – take advantage of shelf tops. These are the tops that have built in support. The elastic at the bottom is what gives you the extra support and keeps the girls in check without wearing a bra!

3. Take a jacket. If it gets a bit nippy, it won’t be just you that sees it. Or alternatively buy nipple covers, to avoid any embarrassing situations.

3. Sagging. There is no concrete evidence that suggests not wearing a bra increases sagging. However, it is a known fact that your breast ligaments slowly break down when doing exercise (or anything that makes the girls jiggle) which causes the breast to sag over time. So going braless, every day will have an effect in the long run.

4. Choose your outfit well. If you are small busted AA-B, then consider strapless tops/dress or even halterknecks. Never wear a baggy top, because as soon as you drop something and go to pick it up, anyone in eye distance will get a cheeky thrill!

5. Choose your timings to go braless. Going braless to meetings, professional events, first dates, or meeting the parents…it’s just not advised. We live in a very critical society and looks say everything about a first impression or how people view you. So make sure you are well supported!

6. It is a known fact that if a man knows you have gone braless (and we still agree that this is for C cups and below) it will drive him wild. So, going braless could be a special treat for a loved one (and super comfortable for you!)

7. Wear a big sweatshirt, and no-one will ever know you have gone braless (so this goes for larger breasted women too!)

8. It is not all fun & giggles going braless. There are situations such as running up (or down) stairs at a more than walking speed…ooouuccchhh.

9. Breasts come in different shapes and sizes so you are the only one to decide. Be comfortable, and remember going braless is different for everyone

10. Finally,  if your not brave enough to go braless, wear cute little lace bralettes like Only Hearts Women’s Stretch Lace Bralette, feels like you’re not wearing a bra and is very much this season!

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 Got any funny braless stories? We want to hear them! Get in touch with us.





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  • Angel

    I totally disagree with rule 1! I’m a G cup, I’ve had a child, I’m almost 30 and my breasts are as perky as they were when I was a teenager (they started developing when I was just 7). Not everyone with big breasts have saggy breasts, and not all small breasts are perky. I’ve seen 20 year olds with B cups down to their belly buttons!

    • CJ

      Angel, more power to you! Only a DD here, but much more comfortable to go without a bra than to wear the crazy asphyxiating harness they make for those of us larger than a 36C.
      I wish we weren’t such a judgmental and puritanical society that felt that breasts are something to hide away and be ashamed of.

      • Fiona

        Hey CJ,

        Thank you so much for your comments 🙂 You know what, at the end of the day, it is whatever you feel comfortable with. If you want to let loose, then you go girl! The society we live in does tell us to keep your breasts perky and up, but this is one of so many pressures for women in the modern day!

        We just want to make as many women happy as possible, by giving some facts we found! If you want pretty, supportive, sexy, sport, you name it, kind of bra, then brayola will have it for you!

        Lots of love

    • Jay

      Agreed, but for a dif reason. We do not have a “social responsibility”to “keep the girls looking perky” Utter bull.

    • Marie higham

      I totally agree with you Angel. I have big boobs and a 38h bra. I haven’t wore one now for 2 weeks and I feel fab. If people don’t like my boobs wobbling or tits showing through sometimes that’s their problem. Am proud of my boobs and that’s all that matters.

    • Emmy

      Fiona! I totally agree. Im a G cup and Im 39 with two kids to boot. I wear cami’s with a shelf under my shirts and keep my shoulders back and stand straight most of the time. Just looks natural and mine do not sag. I hate bras (truly think they were invented by a masochist) and neither do your under arm lymph nodes. Guess its just the hippie in me? 🙂

  • Ivy

    NONE of the photos posted were of disturbing nature. They are pictures of women. There is nothing disturbing about the female form, with or without a bra.

    In what way should a woman be responsible for making her breasts “perky” at all times? Should she never be without a bra? For whom are her breasts supposed to be perky?

    Why are bras so damned uncomfortable? Because they’re unnatural to our bodies and unhealthy for our breasts. Why do so many women suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain? Could it possibly be because they are confined to a bra? Why is it that it is only proper to show oneself in public with the aid of unnecessary “support?”

    There is nothing shameful about being yourself, as you are naturally, no matter your size. Be comfortable. Life is too short to be bound by an ill-fitting garment that serves no natural purpose.

    • Fiona

      Hi Ivy, Thank you for your comments! We totally agree with you that you should be comfortable no matter what size you are!

      Thank you! xoxo

      • Nicole

        Oh shut up, Fiona!! How can you pretend to agree with her and be all cheery after all the crap she said? You did not even ADDRESS anything she mentioned. And she is right. Your post is sexist and implies that women should be ashamed of their bodies. You body shame large-chested women and force society’s beliefs in what is “acceptable” on other women. It disgusts me

  • CJ

    You said, and I quote:
    “However, it is a known fact that your breast ligaments slowly break down when doing exercise (or anything that makes the girls jiggle) which causes the breast to sag over time. So going braless, every day will have an effect in the long run.”
    But research suggests the opposite.
    “The researchers involved in the study suggested that bras — which Rouillon now calls “a false necessity”— discourage the growth of supporting breast tissue, leaving the breasts to sag more quickly.”
    (this is part of an article found at livescience dot com – enter “Bras Make Breasts Sag, Study Suggests” in the search box)
    Not to mention bras, especially underwire bras, are horrible for the lymphatic system.
    Why do we have to have boobs up to our chin anyway?
    I personally did not enjoy wearing a bra, and so I did not, for the first 25 years of my life. It was a boss who said I needed to at work, and I did for the next 11 years. But I am back in that place where unless I am working, I do not see the need to. And I am a DD. The girls may not be perky, but they are much more comfortable when allowed to be free. And they don’t look half bad.
    I think it is sad when girls are telling other girls that they cannot go bra-free because “we have responsibilities to keep the girls looking perky at all times!” I would think the only reasons to wear a bra are for modesty (certain clothing and styles will show all if there is no bra) and personal preference (you simply cannot imagine not wearing a bra). And the modesty part need not be an everyday thing. If you have on a decent supportive camisole, there may be no need for a bra.
    But again, to each her own.
    Just don’t let the girls reading your blog be shamed into wearing a bra (because bralettes don’t come in sizes above 36C) just because you make false claims to causing sagging or needing to be perky.

  • csn


  • Cassie Hargett

    I well-endowed (not that much though) but it’s really annoying to just let them dangle at times. It usually gives me back pains. I know I shouldn’t complain because a lot of girls dream of having big boobs, but hey, there are advantages and disadvantages of having big boobs. Sometimes, I wish they’d reduce in size just so I can skip wearing a bra, and just cover myself with a jacket.

    • American Flag

      There are some good ideas on how to dress for women who are well endowed on BreastNotes.com. There are tips on fashion and letters from other women going braless. I use a vest or heavier material, but I have found if you stand up straighter and don’t look down at your breasts no one seems to notice.

  • American Flag

    This is my fifth week to go brafree and it is so much more comfortable. I am a 44D and I believe after doing research that it helps your ligaments to leave off the bra. When you walk and they jiggle it’s like getting a massage. If my nipples show, I have decided that’s okay because everyone has nipples. I don’t pan to wear a bra again and that is my decision.

    • Marie higham

      Totally agree with you. I am 50 and been braless for 3 weeks and feel fab. If my nipples show through who cares certainly not me. Got so much more confident and my husband is loving it

  • americanflag1

    Wearing a bra or not wearing one is my choice and I have worn one for the last fifty years and this is my second month without wearing one and it feels great. Research has proven without a bra the ligament tighten and when your breasts wiggle that is good for them. If your nipples happen to show then that’s okay because everyone has nipples. Men do not shudder when their nipples show, do they? I am going brafree.

    • Marie higham

      Well done you totally agree with all you say and if your nipples show through so what. A woman should be proud of her boob and nipples no matter what size.

  • Elvira

    I’m laughing at all the comments because it’s so great seeing so many women calling out the bullshit this article is spewing. You talking about how it’s so unfortunate that we live in a “critical society”, when the author of this author is literally adding to the negativity surrounding breasts. No, women do NOT have a responsibility to keep our breasts perky. No, going braless is NOT just for people with small breasts. There’s nothing shameful about nipples, so that entire bit about buying nipple covers is just encouraging the stigma that nipples are shameful. I will most definitely go braless to a first date because anyone who can’t handle some nipples definitely can’t handle me. And shame on you for using pictures of women as “bad” examples of going braless. All breasts are great breasts, and part of going bra free is acknowledging and encouraging that our breasts are NOT here for the pleasure of other people.

    • Elvira

      *author of this article

    • American Flag

      Go to BreastNotes.com as there are a lot of good tips on going braless and read the stories of other women who have decided to go braless. I wear a vest or thicker material and I stand up very straight and I don’t look down at my breasts and no one seems to notice. It is easier the more you go without a bra and it feels great. Good luck to you.

  • Dennis

    I love my Bride going out Bra Less
    Enjoy the guys..staring at her 36 C Breasts..Nipples poking out..

  • L.W.

    In response to rule one… it is NOT my job to make myself appealing to society; it’s my job to keep myself healthy and happy. I may be a 38E, but that does not mean I need to physically suffer because our society has deemed natural breasts offensive.

    I could go on the argument that my breasts are perky enough, but I honestly feel that all breasts are perky enough to deserve comfort. I was not place on this earth to spend my life ensuring my body does not offend the people forced to face the sight of my appearance (which is obviously ungodly because I happen to be born female).

    If you honestly feel that is our job as women, I genuinely hope you eventually find a better source of purpose.